Public Administration Bureau


Ir. Lukito Prasetyo, MT
The Head of Public Administration Bureau

Lecturer at Civil Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering UMM. He graduated as Magister in Engineering from Masters Program of UGM. He has started his position as the Head of BAU in 2008. Previously, he served in one part of Planning and Control Agency of Campus Development/Badan Perencanaan dan Pengendalian Pembangunan Kampus (BP3K).


Public Administration Bureau/Biro Administrasi Umum (BAU) is one of the bureaus under the responsibility of Vice Rector II. Our duty is to help Vice Rector II in term of providing and managing facilities and infrasructures, staff administration and university administration generally.

In performing daily duties, the Head of Public Administration Bureau is helped by several head sections; the head section of Staff Affairs, the head section of Household and Equipment, and the head section of Law.

Our principle work is providing an excellent service for all UMM academic community and other parties in term of facilities and infrastructures, staff administration affairs, and university administration service in general.

We provide this web page for all academic communities who have interests in our responsibility. Besides, it is for publics who need information on campus facilities usage, licence, and other matters.

For UMM academic community and other parties who need information directly, they can contact phone number +62 341 464318-319, ext. 106.



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